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Reflexion is a engaging neuro-fitness platform to train cognitive function and functional movement. Regardless of the injury, Reflexion can help facilitate rehabilitation exercises all while tracking progress. 

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keep your patients 


Reflexion's drills are meant to be fun and engaging to increase compliance. This competitive aspect encourages patients to work towards a goal and stay involved in their rehab. 

brain training that's 

fast, fun, & portable.

Performance enhancement. Holistic sports training. Recovery management

With measurements from the Edge, Reflexion puts all three advantages at your fingertips in a compact carrying case that goes wherever you need it to. Take the Edge from its rollable case to full extension in less than three minutes.

"I love incorporating [Reflexion] when working with our high-level athletes who are coming back from injury. It allows them to be competitive, while also making improvements in proprioception, neuromuscular control, reaction time, eye tracking etc. It has become a part of the rehabilitation plans for almost all of my athletes who have an injury."

stephanie schaldonat

head athletic trainer, the hill school

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functional movement

Train your patient's movements, not just their muscles. Research shows how important it is to capture full body movement, so the Edge is 6 feet in length

competitive & engaging

useful quantitative data

Receive accurate and precise data of cognitive function, taking less than a millisecond and accurate under a millimeter.

customize every session

Every test and drill offered on Reflexion has a variety of parameters you can change to fit the level of the patient. Whether you're working in elder care or an NFL locker, Reflexion gives you the tools to encourage and facilitate rehabilitation in any injury.

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enhanced cognitive data, 

all in one easy-to-use app.

Assign plans ahead of time to improve patient workflow.

Evolving software that's continuously improving for your benefit 

Clear graphs to follow changes in performance


train your brain &   

track your progress. 

Drills are designed to improve cognitive skills like reaction time, peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination, and memory, while being fun and engaging for patients. These metrics are then tracked to give you objective data.

assess a person's 

vision and brain function.  

We use the full six feet of light board to capture a patient's field of view. We combine that with research-back tests to measure reaction time, peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination, memory, and more.


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It's engaging, comprehensive, and easy to use.

Compete against yourself and your teammates for the best scores across a variety of cognitive exercises